We make a life by what we give,
but not by what we get

Find a deserving student & bring to us, we will do rest...

Who We Are

KALVI FOUNDATION is established and functioning in UK to support the Indian underprivileged students to continue their Education. Education is a good platform in equipping children with the skills to maintain a healthy and productive existence and grow into resourceful and socially responsible adults.

Foundation believes that every individual has the right to excel in life through higher education to become independent and socially productive for a better India. Foundation allocates the funds during the first meeting of every end of term year during the Board of Trustees meeting. Fund is distributed to selected individual on merit basis as financial sponsorship. Sponsorship applications are accepted any time of the academic year. However, funds are released and directly paid to the educational institution as per the institution guidelines. Sponsorship recipients are selected on the basis of past academic history, personal statement, family circumstances, and an appraisal provided in the application.

The decision of the selection panel is final and the Foundation will not enter into correspondence

unless it is able to make an award. Sponsorship is administered by Kalvi Foundation. Sponsorship awards are granted without regard to color, race, religion, gender, disability or national origin.

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Foundation believes that we make a life by what we give but not by what we get.